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About Our Products

100% Pure, Natural, Unadulterated Essential Oils

Gemstone Essence works with essential oils obtained from plant materials that are Grown, Harvested and Distilled often in the country to which they are native. We buy our oils in bulk from a distributor whom we have dealt with for several years. We trust the Purity, Quality, and Business Ethics of our supplier.  Many companies selling oils create strong marketing campaigns through Multi-level Selling Pyramids having no choice but to position their prices much higher in order to validate the purity and or quality of their oils. Our cost effective pricing is reflective of our motto to "Shop Locally" from All Canadian Supply Chains when possible.  

All Natural Soy Candles Scented with Mother Nature's Aromas

  Gemstone Essence hand pours each one of our *All Natural Soy Wax* candles and perfectly scents them using our very own collection of selected 100% Certified, Pure, Natural, Unadulterated (undiluted) essential oil blends.  ​Our candles are free from harmful chemicals such as benzene and toluene found in the sooty residue which is formed from burning the ever popular *Paraffin Wax* synthetically blended candles sold on line and in thousands of major retail stores in North America.  

Handcrafted Custom Jewelry (semi-precious gemstones)

Gemstone Essence's beaded jewelry is the perfect way to add natural beauty to any outfit. Our Custom Jewelry Pieces come in a variety of colours and styles to suite virtually anyone. No two pieces are alike because each one of our Handcrafted Designs has its own unique combination of stones. Whether the mystical chatoyancy of cat's eye calls to you or you just can't resist the sunset warmth of carnelian, you are sure to find the perfect gemstone jewelry piece in our showcase.